Why Music Galaxy Unlimited?

Simple, to help you save time and money!


The purpose of Music Galaxy… Unlimited is to combine all of the music search/buying resources into one site to allow the buyer to (compare) find the best price for the music they are looking for. In addition, the ability (and better odds) to find that  out-of-print / hard-to-find recording. From the newest Top 40 hits, MP3’s, to even the older LP records and cassette tapes. All from one website to help you save time and money.


Why Music Galaxy Unlimited?


Simple, we’re expanding.


It’s not done! There are many more music search sources to be added to Music Galaxy… Unlimited.

You can shop the most popular music stores such as Amazon, iTunes and eBay, as well as others that you might, or most likely, might not have heard of. All here in one site. Bookmark it.


Welcome to Music Galaxy… Unlimited



1) Watch artists music videos to listen to their music.

2) When you decide you want music from an artist, support the artist by buying authorized music.

3) On MusicGalaxyUnlimited.com select “Shop Music (Shopping Resources)” on the top menu bar.

4) Use all the shopping resources to get the best deal for what you are looking for and/or the best resources for finding hard-to-get and out-of-print items.


Thank you for visiting Music Galaxy… Unlimited.

Edward (Owner)




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